A resume is a requirement for most people trying to get a job and it is important to know what to include and what to leave out. The basic rules for writing a resume that stands out are the same for everyone.

You need to highlight your skills based on your career choice to make your resume standout. If you are a certified nursing assistant, let your qualifications and experience speak for you.

Basic Resume for CNA

Before writing your CNA resume or a resume for any other job, you need to pay attention to the following points.

· The format. There are different formats with the most common types being chronological, functional, or a combination of the two. The chronological resume is ideal for people who want to advance in their career or already have a great career history. It starts with your work experiences and puts focus on your employment history with the most recent job at the top.

The functional resume on the other hand brings attention to your skills. People who have gaps in their work history or who are looking to move into a new career field will find this type useful. This kind of resume is great for a CNA who is re-entering the field after being away for a while.

A mix of both types is also a good choice as it uses the best of both formats. It starts with the skills you want to highlight and then gives a breakdown of your work history.

· Learn the keywords that work best for your industry or in general. In any resume, some keywords that recruiters look for include experience, training, and other strong points such as management skills and computer literacy. An example of using the right keywords in a CNA’s resume could look like this – note the words in italics:

Objective: To be a team player in a medical facility, nursing home or other areas where I can contribute using my training as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Skills: CPR certified, first aid training, certified nursing assistant training

Every resume should include the following:

· Heading: This identifies you and provides contact information so the recruiter can get in touch with you. This should detail your full name, address, email address and telephone number. This is especially important since your cover letter can get separated from your resume.

· Objective: This is your opportunity to tell the prospective employer what you can offer and what your skills will help you to achieve.

· Qualifications/Education: Here you will outline your training, making sure to highlight the areas that make you the right person for the job.

· Skills: List the skills that are important for a Certified Nursing Assistant to possess, as well as other useful skills that will help to give you an edge.

· Achievements: These may lead the recruiter to consider hiring you. The list could include awards won for your work as a Certified Nursing Assistant or articles you wrote about any area of your field.

· References/Referees: In modern resumes it is not necessary to list your referees by name. What is now acceptable is a statement promising to provide these if necessary. This statement can be as simple as, “References provided upon request”. However, if you are applying for a specific job posting and your references are required, then you should give their names, position, place of employment (if relevant) and contact information.

Formatting a CNA Sample Resume

People have different styles when it comes to formatting a resume, but always bear in mind that it should be easy to scan and read. Tips for formatting your resume include:

· Centering the heading with your name in a larger font first, for example:

John Jones

10 Orange Street

Farmington, CT

Telephone Number

Email Address

· The body is normally flush left with each section being a sub-heading in bold to draw attention to it, example:


Looking for a post as a Certified Nursing Assistant in an environment that will enable me to use my experience tending to critical care patients


Certified Nursing Assistant – John Deer Hospital, 2010-2012

Personal Care Aide – Jane Doe Nursing Home, 2009-2010


Certified Nursing Assistant, Tampa College, 2010

B.A. Life Sciences, Florida University, 2005-2009

A well-written and formatted Certified Nursing Assistant resume is the best way of standing out from the crowd. If you have doubts about your ability to craft the perfect resume, getting professional help is also an option. Always bear in mind that you are selling yourself to a possible employer when you write your resume, so it needs your best effort.

CNA resume samples are available online that can help you write a top-notch resume. Some of these websites actually have templates that you can download and fill in. Just make sure to replace information in the sample with your own information.