The CNA exam practice test helps those with a desire to work in the medical field as Certified Nursing Assistants. Certification is necessary to gain employment in this field, and anyone interested in certification or recertification should take the time to prepare for the exam.

Anyone can attend a training program designed for CNAs, but this alone is no guarantee of passing the certifying examinations. However, many websites exist that offer free and paid CNA practice exams. By taking these tests, it is possible for prospective Certified Nursing Assistants to improve their chances of passing the real test. Even those who are already in the field but need recertification can benefit from taking these CNA practice tests.

What to Expect from a CNA Practice Test

Many of the websites have different approaches, but generally they provide a set of multiple choice questions. Some of what you can expect to see on a CNA sample test includes questions detailing various different scenarios that you could face as a CNA. In general, there are 70 to 80 questions, which cover various areas of study. The questions tend to fall into the categories below:

  • Daily Living: This will judge the student’s knowledge of what it takes to assist patients with daily activities such as hygiene, and encouraging and enabling the patient’s independence where possible
  • Basic Nursing/Medical Skills: This involves recording the patient’s vital information such as blood pressure, and assessing a patient’s condition
  • Mobility Issues: Patients who have mobility issues will need assistance with crutches, wheelchairs and walkers
  • Understanding the Role of the CNA: This deals with what is expected of a Certified Nursing Assistant, proper communication and interpersonal skills
  • Mental Health: Providing the kind of emotional support that patients need and learning how to manage their own stress levels
  • End of Life Care: How to deal with and help patients who are approaching the end of their life to be as comfortable as possible

Some practice tests come with the answer right on the pages, while others allow you to take the test and then reveal your scores. The latter is more useful for learning how to manage your time and identifying your weak areas. The former is good for revision before taking the test.

The first part of the test normally runs for two hours. The actual test can be either written or oral and can be held in a number of facilities such as:

  • A test center
  • A hospital
  • A school

The practical skill-testing component is generally monitored and graded by a certified trainer/instructor, a nursing board examiner or a registered nurse. The skills tested can include any of the following:

  • Taking vital signs of patients and understanding them so as to know when to report abnormal readings to a doctor
  • Demonstrating ways to prevent the spread of infections, such as washing hands after dealing with each patient
  • How to write proper notes for each patient

You can expect to get around 30 minutes to perform three to five skill-based activities. To obtain CNA certification, you have to pass both the written or oral section and the skills assessment. It is only after passing the certification exam that you will be able to find employment as a Certified Nurse Aide.

How Do you Know When to Take the CNA Test?

After completing your training, your certificate of completion should be sent to the appropriate body. This body will then send you the schedule for your certification exam. In most cases, you will receive this notice within two to six weeks after the completion of your studies. Some persons start taking different CNA practice exams even before the formal classes have ended. This is wise, since you do not know how soon after your program ends you will be expected to take the real CNA test.

Taking a CNA practice test not only helps to identify weak areas, it also helps to develop the confidence of both prospective and practicing certified CNAs. The test is normally at a high school level. As such with studying and practice, it is not a difficult examination to take and pass. Apart from taking CNA practice tests to gain confidence and learn time management, you should also get a good study guide.