As you think about what career path you would like to follow you might be asking what is a CNA?  This is actually a certified nursing assistant.  This is the individual that is going to be helping patients or clients with any of their health related needs. 

These professionals will be working under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.  If you think that you would be good at this job you should know that you need to have a strong work ethic. 

            Many people will ask, “Is a CNA a nurse?”  The answer to that question is no.  In fact, there are some things that a certified nursing assistant cannot do because they are not a nurse.  But, there are still many responsibilities that are similar to those of a nurse that must be fulfilled by a CNA.  Here are some of the most common responsibilities that are carried out by a certified nursing assistant:

  1. Clean the patient or the residents as needed
  2. Assist the patients when they need to get dressed
  3. Provide assistance when the patient or resident needs to go to the bathroom
  4. Reposition the patient so that he or she is comfortable in bed
  5. Transfer the patient from his or her bed to the wheelchair or to a chair in his or her room
  6. Listen to the patient as they describe how they are feeling or concerns that they may have
  7. Relay any and all information related to the patient to the nurse or supervisor
  8. Take the patients vital signs and records these
  9. Pass out meals to all of the patients and help them eat if they need it

Now, it is important to know that some in some states the CNA may be able to pass out

Medications to the patients.  Hcnaowever, this is going to depend on the state laws and the education and experience of the CNA.  This is never something that should be done unless the CNA has met all requirements and the state law gives the assistant permission to do so.

Anyone that is would like to follow this career path may be asking, “What is a CNA certification?”  This is the certification that is given to the individual that completed all of the requirements to become a certified nursing assistant.

During the educational process the person is going to be learning about the basic principles of nursing.  He or she will also need to complete a set amount of supervised hours working with patients.

Most of these certifications can be obtained at local community colleges, vocational schools and even within hospitals and nursing homes.  You may even find that some high schools are starting to provide this certification.

When any, and all, of the certification requirements have been met the individual will be required to take a competency test.  They must pass this in order to use the state credentials, or CNA title, where they live.

Once the test has been passed the individual is also placed on a state registry. Believe it or not, in many cases you must be listed on this state registry if you want to work in a nursing home.

Anyone that is thinking about becoming a CNA should know that even though it can be a very rewarding job, there are some hazards that should be considered.

  • This job can be very strenuous.
  • A CNA will be spending a great deal of time on his or her feet.
  • There are going to be times when the requirements of the job are not going to be very pleasant at all.  In fact, you may need to do some things that you are not excited about such as changing bed sheets or emptying bed pan.
  • It will be very important to ensure that you know how to lift properly to avoid any injuries while you are working with all of the patients. 
  • A CNA will often find that they need to work weekends and holidays.  They may even work different shifts as the patients need continual care. 
  • Uniforms, or scrubs, will be worn at all times in order to appear professional and protect clothing.