hha Individuals that would like to become a home health aide will most likely start to consider what type of education they need.  They may be surprised to know that there is no formal education that is required when it comes to learning how to become a certified home health aide. 

However, many times the individual is going to be required to take some home health aide classes in order to ensure that they are competent to carry out the necessary tasks of the job.  Most of the time, the person will receive on the job training with a nurse, other aides or even supervisors. 

            Those that want to get a job in home health care will find that even though they may not have to take home health aide classes they may need to receive special training.  This is often because of the certification that the employer needs to maintain through Medicare or Medicaid.

Some of the most common training will include taking the time to learn about personal hygiene, obtaining and recording vital signs as well as learning about nutrition and infection control.

Any individual that would like to take home health aide classes will be pleased to know that there are some community colleges that will have certification programs.  Those that are interested in hha school will find that in order to get into these programs they will need to have a high school diploma or a GED.  Some of the home health aide training online can be counted towards the training hours that must be obtained in the classroom.  On top of the educational hours, many programs will also require at least 4 days of clinical practice.  Home health aide certification New York programs will be offered in a number of educational institutions.

Another important question for many people that want to become home health aides will be how much does a home health aide make.  The median salary for someone that becomes a home health aide is roughly $20,500.

This is a very nice salary for someone that wants to get started in life and provide for their family.  Keep in mind that some home health aides may make more while some may make less.  The person’s experience and any extra training may come into play when it comes to the amount of money they will make.

When it comes to finding home health aide programs in New York individuals will want to keep a few things in mind.  The following tips and ideas can save someone a lot of money and time as they work towards this type of education.

  1. Individuals will want to start by contacting local home health agencies in their immediate area.  These professionals are in high demand and many of these agencies will offer training courses and supervision in order to help someone become certified.
  2. Another option would be to contact FedCap in New York.  FedCap is going to charge the person a one-time $40.00 fee for those that want to enroll in their home health aide programs.
  3. Guthery Institute also offers free training and this training will be offered in Spanish or in English.
  4. Best Choice Home Health Care, Inc. will also provide free training like Guthery and FedCap for those that are interested.

Finally, those individuals that are interested in attending hha school should know that

there are a few requirements that must be met in order to enroll.  Here are these requirements:

  1. The person must be a legal citizen and able to work in the United States.
  2. Many times the person will need to be at least 18 years of age.
  3.  The individual cannot have any felony convictions on his or her record.
  4. The person must be able to pass a drug test when it is given and any other drug tests that may be given after that.
  5. Many programs require that the person be able to speak, read and write at a sixth grade level at least.
  6. Patient care is a must.  Therefore, the individual must be able to lift at least 40 to 50 pounds as needed.
  7. Those individuals that are able to speak more than one language are always in high demand as well.