Traveling CNA

Traveling a lot is not for everyone, but if you enjoy it, working as a traveling Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) could be perfect for you. Just like other traveling nursing jobs, there are many opportunities for the CNA. One of the reasons why some CNAs like working in this way is the opportunity to visit different places while earning a salary.

Some CNAs also like the idea of working with different people for the experience they gain. As such, they choose this form of employment to give them this type of exposure. A CNA may also travel with the patient, especially if the person employed them privately to provide home care. Older people who can afford it will still want to travel, but they will need to take a CNA with them to help them get around.

How to Find Jobs as a Traveling Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Most traveling CNAs find jobs through agencies that specialize in placing CNAs with institutions and employers.

Asking others for the names of reputable agencies that place nurses and other medical workers is a good start. Many recruiters who source CNAs for employers have websites where you can get information.

Once you narrow down the list of agencies you want to use, ask for references and a list of institutions where they normally place CNAs. If the agency is unwilling to provide the information you need, this may be a red flag.

A reputable agency will not will normally have any difficulty sharing information to help you make a decision. If you feel uncomfortable about a particular placement agency, research it first. Ask questions and check online for reviews. People are just as likely to post positive reviews as they are to post negative ones.

Many traveling CNAs fill temporary vacancies in institutions that are short staffed. This could be due to staff leaving or maternity leave for example. Others take up these posts in new institutions that are still in the process of recruiting staff.

The Salary of a Traveling CNA

The salary of a traveling CNA tends to be higher than that of one employed in a permanent position. Many traveling CNAs are actually contract workers in that they sign on to work for a set period. Many CNAs who opt for traveling jobs tend to take on 13-week contracts; however, the time can vary depending on the employer and the Certified Nursing Assistant. Some CNAs take up employment for up to one year.

Apart from the salary, the traveling CNA will get living expenses and even their traveling expenses covered by the employer. Some agencies may even arrange for you to get a meal allowance. Make sure to read the contract thoroughly.

So, how much does a traveling CNA make? The traveling CNA’s salary is not easily determined, but the median salary for a CNA according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018 was $28, 530 annually. Some employers pay traveling CNA $13,72 per hour. It is believed that traveling Certified Nursing Assistants median salary would be much higher.

While a traveling job may seem exciting, you will need to determine if it would be suitable based on your lifestyle. This will also play a role in whether you take on jobs overseas, in other states or much closer to home.

Some traveling CNAs take up jobs in far-flung countries across the globe. These postings tend to pay a whole lot more. This kind of placement reduces the chance of boredom from a job that can become routine over time.

Another benefit to being a traveling CNA is the wealth of life experience it offers. CNAs who take these jobs often work in various medical situations helping them to build impressive resumes. When these Certified Nursing Assistants want to apply for a permanent job in one place, their skill can be a major bargaining tool.

Job Description of a Traveling CNA

Just like a regular CNA, those who take short-term jobs in various locations generally perform much of the same functions. These tasks include:

  • Helping to lift and move patients from wheelchairs and beds
  • Assisting with hygiene and grooming
  • Administering medicine
  • Taking blood pressure, weight and other statistics

In most instances, a traveling CNA is expected to have at least two years of experience in the field. You must also have NCA certification for the area in which you will be working. The advances in medical care mean that more people are living longer, and many of them have to deal with medical issues.

Therefore, the demand for medical care staff such as nurses and CNAs is strong.