Anyone looking for CNA classes in New Jersey will just need to do a search online using those terms to find a number of options. Some people who want to remain close to home will prefer to take CNA classes in Newark, NJ or Camden County, NJ or any of the counties in which they live instead of further afield. Online classes also increase the available options when it comes to training as a certified nursing assistant.

Before even applying for training as a CNA, there are certain mandatory requirements that you should meet. Once you meet these requirements then it is time to start looking at training options to help you meet your career goals. Some of the basic requirements are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be physically fit and healthy
  • Be educated up to high school level or have your GED

Some CNA Schools in New Jersey

Prospective CNAs may be surprised at the number of places where they can register for CNA training in New Jersey. It will be necessary to do some research to determine which to choose. When selecting a place to begin your training for this career path, you should keep the following in mind:

  • The costs of tuition
  • Whether or not you can afford the fees on your own
  • The schedule of the classes and your own situation
  • Whether you will need to work while studying

Once you have considered the above factors you can start looking at schools such as:

To find a complete list of schools and institutions where you can attend CNA classes, you can search online or contact the New Jersey Health department for help. Even other CNAs can offer valuable information on training courses. Apart from these types of institutions, you can find good CNA training in Newark, NJ or elsewhere through the American Red Cross. Many states have a Red Cross office and they offer quality CNA training to those who want to work in this field.

Free CNA Classes in New Jersey

In this state, if you train as a CNA and get a job within one year of completing your studies you can be refunded the cost of your tuition depending on where you studied. If you get a job at a healthcare facility that is recognized by Medicare and Medicaid, you can get a refund of your school fees. Another way to get free training as a certified nursing assistant is to work and train at a healthcare center or nursing home. In fact, many people take this option not only for the free classes but also for the hands-on experience.

Some facilities that are Medicare and Medicaid approved are:

  • Windsor Gardens Care Center
  • Allendale Nursing Home
  • Submit Ridge center
  • Actors Fund Home
  • Brandywine Senior Living at wall

There are lots of these Medicaid and Medicare approved homes in New Jersey. To find a complete listing you can do a search online for “Medicare nursing home in New Jersey”. You may also be able to get free training by volunteering at nursing homes. If you are unemployed, this is a good way to give back, learn a skill and eventually get yourself a career.

The Value of CNA Training in Newark, NJ

For anyone living in Newark, NJ the ability to train as a certified nursing assistant helps improve their career prospects. Some institutions will offer lower fees for in-state students, which also makes it easier for residents to afford their tuition. Once you have completed your CNA training in New Jersey, the next step is to take the certification exam.

After sitting and passing the examination, you will be in a position for better salaries and benefits. In fact, some online sources list New Jersey as one of the best states to work in as a CNA. With salaries of $30,000 to $35,000 per annum, this field is definitely worth exploring. Of course, salaries will also depend on experience, qualifications and place of employment. Add to this the fact that many CNAs will use their training as a stepping-stone to a more advanced medical career such as a certified medical assistant or a nurse.