For most people looking for a job the first step in capturing a prospective employer’s attention is a winning cover letter. One of the first things to do when writing a CNA cover letter is to get the name of the human resource or hiring manager if possible. Addressing an application directly to the person who will read your letter and make the hiring decision is always a step in the right direction.

Tips for Writing a Sample Cover Letter

For someone who has no practical experience, writing a cover letter can be challenging. However, with the right techniques, it is possible to write a cover letter that will catch the attention of recruiters. Some top tips for writing a winning CNA cover letter are:

  1. Make sure you start with the proper heading, that is, your full address and telephone number, the date of your letter and the address of the company you are contacting
  2. Write the name and title of the recruiting officer/human resources manager and the name and address of the company
  3. Open with something to grab the reader’s attention such as something that makes you the ideal candidate. The aim of the first paragraph is to keep the person reading. A boring first paragraph will just send your application in the not interest pile.
  4. Add some information that highlights that you now the medical field and your love for what you do
  5. Explain briefly why you are a good candidate by stating your years of experience and qualifications for the job such as your CNA certification
  6. Research the clinic or employer and states why you want to work with them
  7. Mention any awards you have received for your work in the field or any publications you have written
  8. Sell yourself by explaining what you will bring to your new place of employment, for example, do you speak a second language. This could be a major plus if you will be working in an area with a large population of people who speak more than one languages
  9. Remember that your cover letter should be short; recruiters do not have time to read long cover letters. As such, keep paragraphs grow and as much as possible try not to go over one page.
  10. Pay attention to neatness and formatting as this will help sell you to any prospective employer.
  11. Make sure that you sign the sign the letter. Remember that you want to stand out from all the other applicants
  12. Close by stating why you are the right candidate and request an interview to further discuss your suitability for the job

If you do not have any experience as a certified nursing assistant, highlight what you learn during your studies and internship programs. If you have volunteer experience make sure to mention this as well. Make it clear from the start of your cover letter that you have the necessary licence for practicing as a CNA.

Sites for Sample CNA Cover Letters

An opening sentence should read like this for a CNA with relevant experience:

“I am the right candidate for this job as I possess the skills and experience you require in certified nursing assistant. I am skilled in taking and recording vital signs such as blood pressure readings and administration of medications. My experience in this area also includes dressing, performing personal hygiene functions such as bathing and grooming patients, moving patients from wheelchairs to bed and from their beds to wheelchairs in addition to other activities.”

Finding sample CNA cover letters online is easy as there are many examples available. In addition, learning how to write a good cover letter will provide you with the necessary skill to write one for any field. Make sure to edit any sample CNA cover letter and resume samples you find online to suit the job. You do not want to send in an application that is the exact same as others; you need to have yours stand out.

While a good cover letter should not be a reproduction of all the information on your resume, it should include some relevant information such as your name and contact details. This information will help just in case your resume is separated from your cover letter. You should proofread your cover letter properly as you do not to send a letter with grammatical or spelling errors.

If you are planning to email your letter, makes sure to convert it to PDF as not some versions of WORD will not open in later versions. Make sure that your resume supports your cover letter and gives details you mention in the letter.