CNA classes in Indianapolis

Like in many states in the USA, finding CNA classes in Indianapolis is relatively easy. This is good for people who want a career as a certified nursing assistant as they have options. The only difficulty these prospective CNAs will have is deciding where to study. Some factors that will help them decide on a training option are:

  • The cost of the program
  • The length of the program
  • Timetable for course delivery
  • The reputation of the institution

Schools providing CNA programs in Indianapolis

When you are looking for schools, you should also ask practising certified nursing assistants for their views on where they went for training. You should also visit the Indiana State Department of Health website for a list of state approved programs. Another good way to help you decide on CNA training in Indianapolis is to read reviews online. A few of the schools offering CNA training in Indianapolis are:

Requirements of becoming a CNA in Indianapolis

The state’s department of health website is a treasure trove of information about becoming a CNA in Indianapolis. It provides information not only on approved institutions that offer training, but also on requirements to work in the state as a CNA. Some of the requirements for gaining employment in Indianapolis as a certified nursing assistant are:

  • Completing 30 hours of classroom work
  • 75 hours of practical/clinical training
  • Taking and passing the competency/certification examination

It is also important to note that any CNA training in Indianapolis that you take must be approved by the Indiana State Department of Health to be valid.

Other conditions for gaining employment in the state as a CNA are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Take a skin test to prove that they do not have tuberculosis
  • CPR training, or this will need to be completed before being allowed to complete the program and graduate

Cost of CNA classes in Indianapolis

The average cost of training in Indianapolis is around $1000. Unlike in some other states, this fee includes textbooks and manuals, and CPR training. Some prospective certified nursing assistants can get free classes in Indianapolis if they know where to look. Some nursing homes will train CNAs in exchange for the persons working with them after completing their training and getting certified. You can also search for scholarships and loans that you can use to help pay for your CNA training in Indianapolis.

In Indianapolis CNAs who have successfully completed training and passed the competency examination to get certified can request a refund of their tuition if they find employment within one year. This is applicable if they gain employment in an agency that is recognized by Medicaid or Medicare.

Some nursing homes that are recognized by both programs in Indianapolis are:

  • Forest Creek Village
  • Highland manor Healthcare
  • Maple Park Village
  • North capital Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
  • Beach Grove meadows

For the names of similar nursing homes, you can search online or contact the Indiana State Department of Health or the Medicaid or Medicare offices in the state. This is definitely a good way to gain employment if you are a certified nursing assistant and want to get reimbursed for your training.

The starting salary for a CNA in Indianapolis is around $20,000, but the demand is pushing this figure up. After attending CNA classes in Indianapolis, you can apply for and take certification examinations in other states. If you certify as a CNA in other states, it will be possible for you to work outside of Indianapolis. This will also allow you to find employment as a travelling CNA. In fact, after taking CNA classes in Indianapolis or online, your options for employment will increase.

With the aging population growing, the time, effort and money you put into CNA training will definitely pay off in the end. This is one career that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will continue to see growth for a long while.