Anyone that is thinking about becoming a nurse may find that a nice place to start would be as a CNA.  You are going to find that an LPN is going to make a lot more money than a CNA.  That is why there are so many people that will make the transition from one to the other.  The responsibilities of an LPN are different from those of the CNA as well. 

How to go from CNA to LPN

If you are considering moving from one to the other then you will probably be thinking about CNA to LPN programs that you can participate in.  Here are some facts to know when it comes to these programs:

  1. When you want to be a CNA you will need to take at least 165 hours of coursework.  This number is going to increase to at least 1350 hours of work as you try to become a LPN.  Many of the courses are also going to last for roughly 3 semesters.
  2. There are some procedures that you have to follow to get into CNA to LPN online programs.

– You must take the ACT test and receive a certain score so that you do not have to take any basic courses.

– Have a GED or a high school diploma.

– Provide proof of your age in order to enroll in classes.

– Submit to a drug test and a criminal background check.

– It will be possible for you to take these classes online or in the traditional form.  It will all depend on what you are interested in.

– While it is going to be possible for you to get this education online you will see that the online programs can be a little more complicated than what you would think.

– Even if you are taking your classes online you are going to see that you will need to go through with some practical lab work.  That cannot be carried out online.  So, you will need to do some work outside of the home.

– There are times when you may be able to save money if you decide to take online classes.  You should know that many of the LPN programs out there could cost as much as $30,000 or more.  You can always decrease the expenses related to college if you are taking courses online.

Are you planning on starting your education to go from a CNA to an LPN?  If you have been thinking about how much money you can make with this degree then you should know a little bit more about the courses you will often be required to take.

  • You will be required to learn about nursing concepts and theories that are used every day.
  • Students are going to learn how to identify and treat illnesses.
  • Anatomy classes will be required in order for students to have hands on experience related to the body.
  • Psychology is going to be taken so that the nurses can learn to understand how their patients are going to think and feel.
  • Or course computer classes are going to be required so that students can learn how to research needed information.
  • Basic communication classes are going to be taken.  This helps to ensure that the future LPN will be able to communicate effectively with the patient and his or her family.  Being able to do this is going to increase patient satisfaction.

Finally, if you are thinking about entering into a program then it may be a good idea for you to consider speaking with your current employer to see if they are able to offer any scholarships.  When they do you may be able to save some money because your employer will be covering part of the cost.

Just keep in mind that there could be times when you may need to agree to work with the company for an extended amount of time once your education is complete.  This is not something that should worry you as it is actually very common with a lot of different companies.  If you are not able to fulfill the work requirements you could end up owning your employer a certain amount of money.  That could be a real problem.