CNA classes in Houston

If you would like to become a CNA in Houston, Texas then you will need to take CNA classes.  You can often find these by contacting local hospitals or nursing homes.  There are times when these locations are going to offer you CNA courses for free or they are going to offer them at a discounted price.  Sometimes you will see that these are going to be free if you agree to work for the agency for a certain amount of time when your education is done.

     There are others that are going to be able to call their local health department or educational institutions to determine if they are offering any free CNA classes in Houston, Texas.  Many times these places may offer certainly training for free and they are worth looking into.  Other times they may be offer different types of training program that can be used for continuing education credits.  It never hurts to find out what they have going on.

Anyone that is struggling to find free courses can call the state board to see what they have listed.  They are generally aware of where students are educated.  If nothing else they may be able to direct you in the right direction so that you can make connections that can help you.

Once you have had your free CNA training classes you are going to pass your exam in order to become certified and to be placed on the state registry.  This is completely necessary if you really do want to get a job as a CNA.

There are a few things that these exams are going to cover.  Before you are even able to take the exam there are some requirements that you must meet.  First off, you have to have a social security number or a military id.

Next, you will be required to complete the application and this must be done in ink.  Third, you must be able to show that you have a state issued photo identification card.  Your driver’s license may work for this purpose.  Having a DADs approval letter is also a requirement that you must fulfill.

Finally, there are going to be fees that must be paid.  You have to find out what these are and make sure that you are paying all of them before you are able to take the exam.

Now, you will see that the CNA classes that you take will be preparing you for the licensing exam that you are planning on taking. There will be two different parts to this exam.  You will need to take a written and skills section of this exam and pass both of them if you are planning to become licensed.

When you take the written section of this test you will find that you are only going to have two hours to complete it.  You are not going to be allowed to make any marks on the test book while you are completing this section of the test.  Keep in mind that there will be pretest questions on the exam but they are not going to affect your score when you are done with the exam.

The oral exam will have 70 different questions on it.  All of the questions are going to be read out loud from a cassette tape.  This exam can be given to someone that does not have strong English skills or someone that is really dealing with problems reading.  It can be easier to answer the questions once they have been read out loud to you.

When it comes to the skills section of the exam you will find that you will be given 5 different skills at random that you must perform.  There are more than 30 skills that are listed in Texas.  However, you will only need to perform 4 of these accurately if you want to be able to pass this section of the exam.

As you arrive to take your exam it will be very important to make sure that you have all of the required documentation that you were told to bring with you.  Be sure that you are at the testing site about 30 minutes early and never arrive late.

When it comes to finding CNA classes in Houston, TX you can certainly look at  Thise is a great site with various options for you to explore.