Greenville NC CNA classes

CNA classes in Greenville make it easy for someone living in the area to start a career as a certified nursing assistant. People in this field play an important role in healthcare as they provide valuable help to nurses and doctors. They interact daily with patients in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes and are in a position to observe changes that can mean the difference between life and death. It is for good reason that the CNA is often referred to as the eyes and ears of doctors and nurses.

While there are a lot of places offering training in this area, take the time to research institutions before signing up for a program. The increasing demand for CNAs means that a lot of people are seeing the opportunity to make money by offering training. Unfortunately, not all CNA training in North Carolina is of high quality. It is important to do your research before settling on a CNA class to attend. Some factors to consider include:

  • The reputation of the training institution or program
  • How long they have been offering CNA training
  • The pass rate for their students taking the certification examination
  • If possible, the rate at which graduates find jobs after completing the program

Partially free or free CNA classes in Greenville, NC are available from a number of sources. With free classes from hospitals and nursing homes, the prospective CNA will need to purchase uniforms, lab materials and accessories. With many of these ‘free’ programs, the students need to sign an agreement to work with the training institution for a set period. You can call the American Red Cross for information on their affordable or partially free training. For other ‘free’ training opportunities for certified nursing assistants, contact nursing homes, hospitals and even the state’s health department for information.

The Pitt Community College CNA Program

The CNA training program at Pitt Community College is one option available to prospective certified nursing assistants. For admission to Pitt, students have to pass a math and English Language placement test. For full details on the admission requirements, visit the college’s website, or call for details.

The Cost of CNA Training in Greenville, NC

The cost of training will depend on a number of variables including location, the institution and whether you are doing online training or classroom sessions.

The ease of finding CNA classes in Greenville, NC allows anyone to get the necessary training for this career. There are some prerequisites to starting your training to help determine your readiness and suitability for this career. Apart from the need to be physically fit, you need to have a clean criminal record. Other requirements are:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • A strong stomach due to the nature of the job
  • A pleasant and courteous demeanour
  • Being responsible and trustworthy
  • You must not have tuberculosis or Hepatitis C

After successfully completing your CNA training in Greenville, NC you need to pass your certification exam. Your role in providing one-on-one care to patients will be enhanced with CNA training as you learn the skills needed to be the best at what you do. For many people, CNA training is just one step to other medical careers. To remain in the field, it is also necessary to recertify periodically. Even if you are already working in the field, taking refresher courses will improve your chances of passing the written part of the certification examinations.

If you were certified in another state, you can also take refresher courses in NC and then apply to NACES/Pearson Vue to complete a competency test for recertification. After passing this test, you will be certified and can be listed in the State Registry.

Training and certification enable CNAs to earn a better salary. The salary of CNAs is good, especially considering that most do not have college degrees. On average, a CNA earns about $25,000 per year. You can also improve your earnings by training for specializations in areas not common among CNAs. It will also increase employability as many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and individuals are frequently in need of CNAs. To help you find employment after taking CNA classes in Greenville and passing your certification exam, the state’s registry will enable prospective employers to find you.

The rewards and satisfaction in offering care and comfort to people is one reason why so many people are turning to careers as certified nursing assistants. The tuition costs and short training period also make this career worth exploring for people who are unemployed or who want to get into the medical field.